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of the forum. coming up rick perry and michele bachmann and texas cram cramm ron paul and mitt romney. stay with us. ♪ >> mike: welcome back to huckabee and our special republican presidential forum. joining us is texas governor rick perry and the first question from ken cuccinelli. >> good to see you. >> yes, sir. >> you said if elected you would issue a executive order to bloke the health care law. >> absolutely executive order and in those agencies there i a substantial amount of that bill that allowed for the agencies to put the rules in place. i am going to put people in as head of health and human services that share my philosophy that medicare, for instance needs to go back to the states and lord willing we'll get rid of that with a supreme court rulog the - ruling on the constitutionality. and thank you for being great attorney generals from that standard. >> it sounds like you are ready to use an executive order to void the law. >> absolutely. i think. >> what is your authority for that? >> suit executive order gives you that authority and also as i said earlier, having men and w
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, there is no work. >> the dot pom-- dotcom boom drew them from texas to california and now the bust is forcing them out. california unemployment rate is 11.7%. duane cannot find work and last week the bank foreclosed on his family's home. >> you viewed california as the land of opportunity. how do you view it now. >> personally, i feel like it's the land that we need to get out of, and very fast. >> reporter: the conders are moving back to texas where unemployment is lower, 8.4%. in 2010 texas gained nearly 75,000 new residents while california lost nearly 130,000. the biggest state to state shift in the country was people leaving the golden state and heading to the lone star state. and jobs are just one reason. housing is another. this three bedroom home in los angeles recently sold for more than a million dollars. yet here in a suburb of austin, texas this four bedroom home sold for $387,000. the people without bought it, moved from california. >> we'll stay here in texas and we visit california quite a bit. >> reporter: bill moved his family and computer consulting business from california to au
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s conflictos mÁs largos y costosos del historia de este paÍs. desde texas nos hablan del recibiento estos hÉroes >> decenas de familias esperaban ansiosas en la base deord texas lo que consideran su regalo adelantado, luego de mÁs de 10 meses de misiÓn en irak, muchos soldados prÁn reincoorarse con sus familias. >> muy orgullosa,yo estoy bien emocionada y ansiosa, ya estoy lista que mi esposo estÁ en casa con mis hijos y conmigo. >> con muchas emociones corriendo por corazÓn a 1000 por hora, pero agradecida con dios, feliz que voy a poder volver a abrazarlos. >> r orden de barack obama todas las tropas eran estar fuerde irak antes del 31 de diciembre. han estado saliendo los uniformados estadounidenses sin cesar con rumbo a qwait para luego emprender el viaje de mÁs de 24 horas con regreso a casa. una vez en suelo estadounidense son rebidos como todos unos hÉroes. cientos 21 miembros de la unidad de logÍstica lograron regresar sin ninguna baja y listos para abzar a lo. >> me siento muy bien, es una misiÓn muy difÍcil >> para el sargento es la cuarta vez
and that is bringing heavy rain in portions of ohio valleys, mississippi valley into parts of texas. good news for texas, not good news for these areas because they have received a lot of rain in the month of november. now, we are talking about 3-6 inches, locally, up to 8 inches possible. that is bringing big time concerns as far as flooding goes. flood watches and some warnings already going up for areas that are starting to see some of that flooding. here is a look at the cold front bringing rain in western parts of ohio and kentucky and tennessee and portions of texas. again this is good news for texas because they are still in that drought. oklahoma, good to see some moisture being brought into that state. as far as snow goes in the rockies, we are talking about more snow over the next 48 hours at times over a foot of it especially along some of the higher elevations. it will be cold enough for some of the snow to make it down into the valleys. this will be posing treacherous traveling conditions for these areas especially monday morning. tomorrow's temperatures, it will be cold one out t
. >>> home sweet home. american troops return to ft. hood, texas but this time it is different. we'll explain after the break. [ electronic beeping ] [ male announcer ] still getting dandruff? neutrogena® t/gel shampoo defeats dandruff after just one use. t/gel shampoo. it works. neutrogena®. >>> no one is more grateful for the end of the war in iraq than our soldiers' families. that was clear at ft. hood, texas, as arriving servicemen and women were enthusiastically welcomed home. as chris lawrence explains, they are looking forward to staying on base for a while. >> reporter: hey, don, i know you have seen a lot of these home comings over the years. it just never, ever gets old. in the case of this one, it's very special in that the case of iraq, there's no next time. it's really hard to describe the emotion going on here before the troops arrived. kids were running around, jumping up and down. they had so much excitement, anticipation of the families. it's been a long ten months. and then all of a sudden the smoke starts coming out and the gate rises up and the soldiers come out like roc
site of the university of north texas. brand new video out of portland, oregon, police arresting nearly two dozen occupy protesters, and refused to take down tents and after it was cleared hundreds took to the streets and one of them setting up a tent on top of a two story building. president obama channels teddy roosevelt. he's go to talk to the public on a county campus the same city where roosevelt delivered a speech more than a hundred years ago, calling for a new nationalism. the current president is expected to make the class and the middle class is facing a make or break moment. imagine driving home and seeing this, a small plane making an emergency landing in the middle of the highway. it happened late last night in jacksonville, florida. the plane reportedly on the way from orlando, when the engine started to fail. fortunately, no one was hurt. those are your headlines. >> clayton: that would be a weird sight. >> dave: absolutely. all right. let's get you reich-- rick, rick some snow in my hometown, huh? a snowy colorado this weekend? >> a snowy colorado this year, a lot of sno
." >> i'll tell you about some texas teens who share an extraordinary gift. >> coming up, i'll show you how to go from the fleece of a sheep to the wool of a scarf. >> that and lots more, right now on "teen kids news." >> welcome to "teen kids news." i'm mwanzaa. >> and i'm siena. here's our top story for this week. >> it's no secret that american teens need to get healthier. but that can be a challenge, especially because a lot of us like eating in places where food is fast and cheap. nicole tells us why some fast food can be a fast route to health problems later in life. >> i like cheeseburgers and fries. >> i'd have to say french fries. i like french fries. >> if i could find a really good hamburger... >> my favorite fast food would be onion rings because they're just really delicious. >> it tastes great, and it's pretty affordable. so what's the problem? >> well, there is a problem, but only if we're eating too often in fast-food restaurants, or we're making choices that aren't as healthy for us in a fast-food restaurant. yes, notoriously, fast food can be high in fat, calories, sod
. both head coaches seem to be attractive options for other schools. texas and baylor. robert griffin iii trying to state his heisman case. four touchdowns for him. two through the air. two more on the ground. this one from terrance williams. baylor wins 48-24 over the longhorns. second consecutive win over texas. baylor wins nine games in the season for the first time since 1986. staying in the big 12. kansas state makes it four in a row against iowa state. john hubert, 26 yard run. kansas wins 30-23. they have their first ten-win season since 2003. let's get another update from the big ten championship game. montee ball. moments ago. in fact, seconds ago. third touchdown of the game. and the badgers leading now 42-39. it's been a great season. enjoy the rest of your weekend. alright, so what's your victory dance? you do a mime thing? maybe a little moonwalk? answer a pretend phone call? well, whatever it is, get it ready, pal-cuz' it's time to enter the built ford tough big score. top prize is a 2012 f-150 with an ecoboost engine and the best mix of fuel economy and
flood fears as a huge weather system causing problems from ohio valley to texas. maria is in the weather center. >> we could have a large system we're tracking stretching from texas up to the great lakes. the system is very slow moving system pulling a lot of moisture out of the gulf of mexico. a lot of these rings are heading out. parts of ohio, kentucky, down to tennessee and mississippi and northern arkansas and flood warnings because of the amount of rainfall we'll see from the system, generally speaking 3-6 inches of rain. locally you could get more than that, up to 8 inches are anticipated and another big concern, we have seen a lot of rain along arkansas and kentucky the past month. the month of november was record set are for if some of these cities, now we're looking at major flood concerns. once the ground is saturated more water on on top of that can't absorb it. here is the rain down through western ohio, tennessee and texas and this rain is beneficial for texas, again, gregg, those areas that have seen a lot of rain is not good for them. >> gregg: thanks very much. i'm gregg
sweet home. american troops return to ft. hood, texas but this time it is different. we'll explain after the break. this new at&t 4g lte is fast. did you hear sam... promoted to director? so 12 seconds ago. we should get him a present. thanks for the gift basket. you're welcome. you're welcome. did you see hr just sent out new... rules? cause you're currently in violation of 6 of them. oh yeah, baby? ...and 7. did you guys hear that fred is leaving? so 30 seconds ago. [ noisemakers blow ] [ both ] we'll miss you! oh, facecake! there's some leftover cake. [ male announcer ] the new htc vivid. stay a step ahead with at&t 4g lte, with speeds up to 10x faster than 3g. ♪ >>> no one is more grateful for the end of the war in iraq than our soldiers' families. that was clear at ft. hood, texas, as arriving servicemen and women were enthusiastically welcomed home. as chris lawrence explains, they are looking forward to staying on base for a while. >> reporter: hey, don, i know you have seen a lot of these home comings over the years. it just never, ever gets old. in the case of
the rain in texas. littlerock, you don't want any more. you had record rainfall for the month of november. expect three to five inches from little rock to east of dallas. likely to see flash flooding from across texas to parts of the mid mississippi river valley. cold in denver. expecting 3 to 7 inches of snow tonight. sunshine in california today. across the eastern seaboard, sunny from boston down to d.c. and atlanta with temperatures in the 50s this afternoon. break here too. 80 in miami. a little on the windy side. sun over the central plains and a little rainy acr >>> and a good sunday morning to you. i'm storm 4 meteorologist chuck bell. off to a bright and sunny start in washington this morning. it is going to be a very pleasant outdoor weather day today. temperatures, which are in the 30s for the most part. 39 in washington. 31, la plata. 32 in baltimore. temperatures in the 30s now. well into the 50s today. mostly sunny. mild with temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. low 60s tomorrow but with plenty of clouds for your monday. >>> now here is jenna. >> janice, thanks. for kroentr
. >> not such a nice morning across the southern plains. need the rain in texas. littlerock, you don't want any more. you had record rainfall for the month of november. expect three to five inches from little rock to east of dallas. likely to see flash flooding from across texas to parts of the mid mississippi river valley. cold in denver. expecting 3 to 7 inches of snow tonight. sunshine in california today. across the eastern seaboard, sunny from boston down to d.c. and atlanta with temperatures in the 50s this afternoon. break here too. 80 in miami. a little on the windy side. sun over the central plains and a little rainy across parts of the great lakes and the >> good morning. a beautiful but chilly start to the day. we'll have lots of sunshine earlier on. a few clouds build in by afternoon. winds light out of the south. moving into the mid 50's by the afternoon hours. >>> now here is jenna. >> janice, thanks. for kroentrcenturies, people ha drawn to her smile. but now there is new mystery over da vinci's mona lisa. they're for keeping us together. ♪ [ boy ] to dad, love sam. [ mom ] say "mer
, new york, ok, i see you. we have somebody from pittsburg. who else? texas. yay, ok. who else? what other states are represented? oregon. where is maria? maria is from oregon, right? oh, washington state, sorry. who else? ok, good old california. san francisco, daly city, concord, danville, oakland, vallejo, san diego. oh, we have the honorable arlee from san diego. come on, thank you. who else? hercules, california, yay. you know, this evening is really the mayor's reception, the san francisco bay area mayor's reception. did you know that there are three women members of fwn and honorees of the 100 most influential filipino women are mayors in the san francisco bay area? yay. i want to call up here -- come on up here, mayor of hercules, california. she was in the summit in 2006. do you want to tell the story ? >> congratulations to the 100 most influential filipino women. i attended first in 2006. and i was a planning commissioner then and i wanted to quit politics. i hated politics. but the summit inspired me. and merilee kept saying we needed more women in visible and a mainstrea
speaker is the favorite, with 25% of likely in iowa. texas congressman ron paul came in second at 18%. herman cain and michele bachman at eighth. comes weeks before the important caucus. >>> a missing dog found. wait until you hear the likeulous tale that sounds a movie. but it happened. we are in for -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal. is there a prize in there? oh, there's a prize, all right. is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope. is it a dinosaur? [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] inside every box of heart healthy cheerios are those great tasting little o's that can help lower cholesterol. stickers? uh-uh. a superhero? ♪ kinda. [ male announcer ] and we think that's the best prize of all. ♪ [ coughing continues ] [ female announcer ] more pollution from power plants means more childhood asthma attacks. [ labored breathing ] there's technology that makes the air cleaner, but too many plants don't use it. we can't wait. epa must update power plant standards to protect our kids. [ baby coughing ] >>> an incredible story of a local dog that was lost for years, and
with support from 25% of likely voters in the leadoff iowa caucus. texas congressman, ron paul, has 18%. and mitt romney is close behind with 16%. cain, michele bachmann and perry are all in single digits. >>> call your congressman, that's the plea from president obama. pressure lawmakers to extend the payroll tax cut. 160million americans will see smaller paychecks if the extension expires. there's little agreat many on agreement on capitol hill to pay for it. democrats want a new tax on millionaires. republicans want more federal spending cuts. >> the republicans refuse, they want to keep in doubt whether the middle class will have a texas cut, hold that hostage to protect tax cuts to the wealthiest people. >> republican leaders couldn't muster the votes in their own party to pass the extension. and some democrats want to do more than extend the cuts. they want to expand it as well. >> a rare attack inside baghdad's green zone was captured on camera. an iraqi military leader showed the video to reporters. approaching a check point in a car, then backing up. the green zone has the
% of the poll. texas governor rick perry rebounded after a tough past couple weeks. he's at 18%. mitt romney sits at 16%. the iowa caucus us are scheduled for january 3rd of next year. >>> meanwhile, president obama is preparing for the 2012 election by opening more campaign offices in virginia. yesterday two more organizing for america offices opened. one is in fairfax, the other in newport news. congressly gerry connolly was at the fairfax opening and said a struggling economy is improving, which is good news for the president. >> i actually think we're going to be in a much better climate next year. and i believe the president is going to be vindicated in terms of making tough decisions. >> organizing for america hosts voter registration drives and phone banks to try to drum up democratic support for the upcoming election. >> pakistan taliban now says it's working with al qaeda in the kidnapping of a maryland man. it took warren weinstein in lahore, pakistan, back in august. he worked in pakistan for a virginia-based development firm. the group says even though it's behind the kidnapping
a rousing welcome from family and friends at ft. hood in texas. when you've been gone for months at a time in a war zone, one kiss from your daughter just isn't enough. >> i can have a kiss? give me one more kiss. one more. one more. >>> in a denver shopping mall -- >> have you been good this year? >> a special santa with the ability to speak in sign language. where he learned how to do it? a bit special. >> last year two little boys asked me how i learned sign language. i told him santa had two elves that were deaf and they showed san santa. you should have seen the look on their face, there was deaf elves. that was my favorite moment. >> that has to be our special cross-country moment as well. >>> at 13 minutes past the hour. let's say good morning it our good friend joe carter, hln sports. bcs? just take out the "c." a lot of people will tell you and that's what you got. we have another mess that will always be controversial. >> always. what we know for certain is lsu is without a doubt the best college team in football. they proved that again last night. they show even though they don'
. they need the rain in texas, but if you are in little rock, you don't want anymore because you had record rainfall for the month of november, but expect three to five inches along that front from little rock to just east of dallas. flood watches are in effect. likely to see flash flooding across eastern texas into arkansas. parts of the mid-mississippi river valley. in the meantime, it's cold in denver today. 25 degrees. you're expecting three to seven inches of snow tonight. sunshine in california today across the eastern seaboard. it's sunny from boston down to d.c. and atlanta with temperatures in the 50s this afternoon. great here too. 80 in miami. nice and warm. on the windy side. we'll see some sun over the central plains. a little rainy across parts of the great lakes and the upper >>> let's take a look at our temperatures this morning as the winds are now on the back burner. what's getting all our attention is the fact the temperatures really bottomed out this morning. low 30s around the north bay. 35, san jose. warmer closer to the water around san francisco and hayward. you can
that goes from texas, where we're actually happy to see it, all the way up to the great lakes. when you focus in on places like arkansas, on up towards the ohio river valley, that's where we're getting too much rain. it's been raining pretty much nonstop in these areas since late last week. flood watches are in effect here. we'll have up to six inches by tomorrow, so a lot of swollen rivers will be expected and even after the rain stops, that could be a problem continuing at least through the middle part of the week. all right. this is our next big weather focus here and the west, we were talking about how brutal things have been in places like arizona, new mexico and the santa ana winds. our next system is coming on through. all right. here's our area of low pressure. there you can see our high to the north and that whole thing is going to be sinking down towards the south. as it does so we're going to increase that wind gradient once again with a return starting tonight of the santa ana winds in southern california. we're going to see a return of the winds in utah, across the wasatch
of new mexico, colorado, texas even although maybe not this time. but the demographics are clear that the hispanic vote will be a major factor in the elections. >>reporter: reporting fwr atlanta, bar bah ra hall. >>> mount st. joes the mourning the loss of their leader tonight. the president of the school just lost his battle with cancer and he fought it until it spread. he dieded surrounded by his family. >>> up next, he's on a one-man crime spree but it's not your ordinary robbery suspect. we'll tell you why police in south carolina are state your full named by the man they call the geezer bandit. >>> plus, why this is the first of many to come in the holiday season. >>> and if you purchased any tickets from ticket master since 1999, stay with us. [ male announcer ] scrubbologists have made a remarkable leap forward in hands-free toilet cleaning. introducing the one-step toilet bowl cleaner from scrubbing bubbles. just step on the pedal. the 360 degree sprayer delivers a powerful cleaner to tackle lime scale, hard water and toilet rings. the new one-step toilet bowl cleaner fro
can see where getting more moisture and bringing heavy rain to texas, at leave the eastern side of texas we need that rain, we'll take anything we can get here. however, it is very heavy across arkansas, and lower mississippi river valley bringing big time flooding concerns a little too much rain too quickly we are going see more rain it doesn't move quickly slow moving storm a lot of areas maybe three to six inches of rain by tomorrow night that means big time flooding concerns. all these areas flash flood watches -- flood watchings or warnings in effect. next storm is getting ready to pull into the northern rockies to the south and more snow across the mountains of the four corner states i think we'll see snow across the texas panhandle tomorrow night. >> makes you feel more like the holiday. rick, thank you. >>> potentially unfestive news as you send your holiday cards. some of your mail is about to take longer. peter doocy joins more. the timing could not be -- [ unintelligible ] >> reporter: a couple months ago the post office said the business has been so bad they needed t
unidentified to this lab in texas in hopes that they could be named. >> back in the '80s, everything was dental. that was about it. with dna now we have so much more that we can do. >> reporter: there is also a hotline for families of the missing. they are being asked to give samples of their dna to assist in the investigation. for the sister of william bundy, who heard of the investigation and gave her dna, the discovery has brought closure. >> i know that -- that the sorrow will eventually go away and i'll have a place to visit him. >> reporter: ironically, other family members are buried in the same cemetery as bundy. the family has visited several times over the years, not knowing their brother was just a short distance away. kevin tibbles, nbc news, chicago. >>> here in new york today they were lined up outside christie's auction house for a look at elizabeth taylor's jewels. she's acquired a formidable collection over her 79 years, an array of diamonds, sapphires and emeralds, all now on display before they're sold at auction later this month. as you can see, they're spectacular. and at 3
at an occupy camp site at the university of north texas. the body was discovered yesterday by members of the school's police department. university spokesman says no one else was at the encampment when police arrived. the man's identity has not been revealed and an autopsy is being scheduled. >>> the city ofays palo alto is cleaning up a dump. tomorrow the city will break ground on the project that includes creating a nature park. it will also lane up the soil which currently contains toxins such as mercury and arsenic. >>> this morning two families are living in temporary housing after a duplex fire in oakland. it happened around 5:20 last night on the 9300 block of walnut street. the fire started outside and quickly spread right through the two unit complex. firefighters put the flames out in minutes. no one was inside at the time of the fire. the two families will be in a nearby motel for the rest of the weekend. the cause of the fire has not been determined. >>> oakland police are investigating a shooting that sent one person to the hospital. it happened at 6:00 last night. one pe
except delaware up for closure now and texas has the most, 222 locations, at risk. for closing, and, lots of jobs, at stake. >> eric: another "fox news alert," new unconfirmed reports from iranian state controlled media a u.s. drone may have been shot down in iran. an iranian military source saying that that drone was down they say with minimal damage and there is no confirmation about it from the u.s. military, of course, we'll be following the developing story, amid the back drop of the iranian nuclear facilities, and the continued defines d defiance of iran. and, there are new concerns about election results in egypt. it looks like the muslim brotherhood has won a majority of seats in parliament. setting off alarm bells, is the success of another islamic party, which reportedly, is even more radical than the brotherhood. what does it mean for the u.s. policy in the middle east and what does it mean for the future of egypt? john bolton, former ambassador to the u.n. and a fox news contributor joins us as he does, every sunday, at this time. good morning, ambassador. >> good morning. gla
against texas san antonio. >> they started the game with brick after brick after brick. there's two baskets in the first five minutes of game. meanwhile the road runners had no problem throwing it up and other. that's cannon with an up. utsa led by 13 in the first half. james kenny for the support tans. it is this set back, but we will take that to the locker room. you will be seeing kenny again in this one. to the second half, he is not wasting any time and hits the three. san jose state is slowly closing that deficit. then under the hoop, not giving up he says i will take that. count it. he would hit the free throw to tie the game with under four minutes to go and then there was penny. give the spartans the lead with that, seals the deal with that one. career high 30 points for kenny. spartans win it 72-66. >>> i just -- i felt many myself that i needed to step up even more and hit a big shotment they gave me a little bit and i just let it go. >> the 2011 football team has had its ups beating navy and hawaii and its down, two tree- game losing streaks: regardless ss it all came to
the texas treasurer's office in afor working on this project. the commission supports this piece of legislation, and what we are doing. for many of the reasons that have already been stated, this is a direction that we want to go in. i want to us express the appreciation for the outreach they are doing to the business community to educate in form and help them transition into the what annual billing cycle. and also responding to our requests for those businesses that might have difficulty paying the one-time fee, providing a mechanism for the pre-payment and moving into a facilitated communication with being able to pay on live in being able to communicate more with the city government through the electronic mecca as a. this year to make sure that we state that we really support this and this is one of the key objectives of streamlining the processes for small businesses. supervisor chu: other members of the public that wish to speak? public comment is closed. this item i think has unanimous support from the board. i do want to take the treasurer who was not here today, but who h
services in the intervention. let's use this strategy as a two-year texas to develop how we might be able to do it better in the event that we need to. a neighbor of of the public defender and the chief, also of folks from the sheriff's department, adult probation, and i will call a number of other folks. supervisor chu: i want to welcome the third graders from the elementary school, we hope you are allot at city hall and you have a lot of fun. >> i am here to support this legislation. the problem that we're trying to address here is how to ensure that people coming out of the criminal justice system do not come back. that is the one clear that everybody in the criminal- justice system tries to strive for. working as a public defender in the criminal-justice system, the one thing that i can say with certainty is that unemployment is probably the number-one factor that determines if a person who does come back. most of them are crimes that stem from poverty, necessity, stealing to survive. if you talk about crimes like petty theft, drug dealing, it is a vast majority of the crimes we see o
passes and ran for two more scores against texas. kendall wright on the seeing end of this 59-yard play. they put 48 points on the board to 24 for the longhorns. baylor 9-3. texas 7-5. and a possible bowl opponent for cal. >>> things can change quickly in the nhl's tightly packed pacific division. the sharks tonight seeing old teammate marco sturm. they were tied at 1 in the first period. san jose then went in front. mcguinn scored on scott clemmensen. the sharks couldn't get the puck out. sturm does the honors against his old team. it ended up being a 3 goal second period for the panthers. this time christopher steed find tomas fleischmann. florida put it away with an empty netter. panthers beat the sharks for the fourth straight time. they have lost three four and are 2 points behind dallas. >>> still to come, the 49ers with a chance to do something tomorrow that hasn't been done in the bay area in almost a decade. players talk about their shot at a chance to clinch. at a chance to clinch. and we will show you [people chatting] everyone, it's $37 a piece. paying with your smart phone
dead on the campus of the university of north texas where occupy denton protestors were gathering. he is believed to be a member of the movement. denton is 40 miles northwest of dallas. no word on a cause of death. >>> and a second victim has died after a thanksgiving day tragedy in a high school parking lot. a driver swerved out of control and ran into a crowd near the home depot after having a medical emergency. 41-year-old freddie gastyo from hyattsville died that day. five others were taken to the hospital including jose rosa from falls church. he died this weekend. >>> a little reminder that tolls for the intercounty connector will start tomorrow. it's been free to ride since maryland 200 opened a week ago. it connects i-270 and maryland's i-95 in laurel and prince george's county. icc will cost drivers 25 cents a mile at peak time, 20 cents for off peak times and 10 cents a mile overnight. fox 5 is monitoring metro. and you can expect delays if you normally ride the red line today. metro closed six stations for maintenance on friday. brooklyn, tacoma, silver springs, forest gree
] one of my early ones was about lloyd benson, the former texas senator when he was named secretary of treasury. it was called lloyd benson, the short history of lloyd benson's dealings with special interest groups. was the man is known for broke will -- for pro-quote quickness. in texas that so people do business. that's $50 online. [laughter] that's not my shortest poem. my shortest poem is the political societal and philosophical implications of the o.j. simpson trial. that's the time. titles don't count. and the whole poem is, oj, oy vey. [laughter] now, maybe anybody shortest poem. >> you ever hear from politicians that say you're being too hard on me? >> no. i never have, and i've had this sort of nightmare which i have during the day. one of the reasons i don't hear from them, they won't even admit they read the stuff, but also i don't run into him because i live in new york and most of them are in washington. but i start having of 10 or 12 years ago, i started having this sort of daytime nightmare that i went to a dinner party in new york, and all of them were there. and in
majority, texas may go down but spending has gone up. by making low taxes alone, and the litmus test for conservatism, the pledge has encouraged this climate and creates problems that are existing today appeared a government we cannot afford and a system that thinks they can have a huge entitlement system without paying for it. it has led some absorbers' -- observers, to suggest a single- minded focus on tax rates can increase government spending. and low taxes first approach allows americans to receive $1 and government services while only having to pay 60 cents for it. i do not think you have to go all the way for the it makes things worse conclusion to be skeptical of the plants. you have to recognize it has not achieved the goals the globe -- grover has set out for us. i think the same pattern shows up in the design of the tax code. atr stands for a system admirably in my view where taxes are simpler and more visible and lower than they are today. that is one goal. leyritz has been achieved at the expense of the broader picture. between 1981 and 2010, the number of tax breaks and
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